Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meinong's Hume-Studien Now Online--In English!

This is awesome news. Expect a series of blogs as I work my way through this work that promises to be an exciting read.

Steven Bayne announces:

"Hist-Analytic is pleased to announce that for the first time Meinong’s work on Hume, _Hume-Studien_, is now available in English. Kenneth Barber, the translator, has been very kind in giving his permission to post this document. Barber did the translation as part of his 1966 University of Iowa dissertation “Meinong’s _Hume Studies: Translation and Commentary_,” under the direction of Gustav Bergmann. Bergmann indicated to me that he thought very highly of this translation. It can, now, be viewed at:

A corrected first page occurs at

in case there is difficulty viewing it in the larger file. In addition, I have written a brief paper discussing Meinong’s theory of assumptions and Russell’s views on the topic.

A schematized comparison of early Russell and Meinong on reference can be viewed at:

Meinong’s views should be of particular interest to those wishing to see Hume from a perspective up until now unavailable to the non-German speaking philosophical community. Hist-Analytic is grateful to Prof. Barber for this opportunity.

Steven R. Bayne"


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